3 Nights Camping in Canadian Paradise (Deep in the Wilderness) | Catch, Clean, Cook Lake Trout

I take my family out camping in Northern Canada at a super remote lake in the back country to tent with all our outdoor camping gear. Mystery Tackle Box: https://mtbfish.com/bearded-woods [Use Code “BEARDSMAN” for your discount!]

For Part 1: https://youtu.be/qAnIwBkRStI

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We get the whole lake to ourselves and fish for super deep water lake trout in depths over 100 feet. We’ll make all kinds of meals including bacon, fried and smoked fish, and sleep in tents under the stars in this most amazing off grid place.

We’ll use simple fishing rod and reel to jig up deep water lake trout and cook up a shore lunch over the fire.

My family and I portage back 3 lakes in a chain of lakes from bass, to rainbow, to lake trout in search of epic solitude in a remote part of northern Canada.

The lake trout is a very elusive fish that prefers depths of 100 feet or more in the lake summer. They are very difficult to catch, especially without down riggers and expensive gear – but with knowledge, skill, and persistence, I manage to catch and epic meal. I will use a 3/8 ounce jig tipped with a vile bait plastic, doubled up with an additional treble hook for added hook power. I also prefer the simplicity of a spin reel and light rod. Jigging is best done when the weather is calm, or your jig will be carried up in the water column, too high for summer lake trout. The idea is to stick close to the bottom of the lake, as lake trout are bottom dwellers.

The trout is cooked on the sandy beach with fresh live alder branches, and smoked to perfection. We also pair up with smoked bacon, woodobo spices, and some bagels to complete an epic shore lunch.

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