30 Days How I Alone 🌲 Build WARM DUGOUT 🔥 Into WILD FOREST Start to Finish – Earth Shelter

For your convenience, I have combined all the videos on how I built a warm dugout shelter in 30 days into wild forest on a hillside and not far from the river.

Now you have a unique opportunity to see the entire construction process in just 30 minutes.

S1 – Build of a Bushcraft DUGOUT – https://youtu.be/zwyZYf_awqc
S2 – Making a Bushcraft DOOR from split LOGs – https://youtu.be/dF3EOUIz-hg
S3 – Made a Stone FIREPLACE https://youtu.be/VRFx7a_UOHE

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What was done:
Dug a hole in the hillside;
Prepared the fallen trunks of dead trees;
Laid down the walls of the dugout and covered them with moss;
Made a waterproof roof, filled it with sand and covered it with turf;
Arranged a comfortable and reliable sunbed inside the dugout;
Made boards by splitting logs and made a door with wooden dowels and a hanging table out of them;
From stones dug out in the sand clay i built a large fireplace inside the dugout;
Made a cool cellar with a stone floor;
Crafted a flexible window;
Made a stone floor into dugout shelter;
For comfortable sleep, I made a pillow and mattress from moss and canvas bags.

In general, a lot of work has been done and I am very glad that I managed to do everything.
There were difficulties and mistakes in the process, but I got an interesting experience and a lot of positive emotions when everything worked out 🙂

I get asked a lot of questions, I’ll answer a few:
– Isn’t it damp in the dugout?
Inside the logs are dry, water does not get on them. Apparently water flows down on turf quickly due to the large slope of the hill.

– Is the roof leaking?
I put a waterproof fabric on the roof.

– Do round stones explode in the fireplace?
Stones don’t explode. I warmed up the fireplace very slowly and for a long time. Now there is no such danger.

– Why is there a stone floor inside the dugout, and not a wooden one?
The stone floor inside the dugout is made for fire safety. The coals from the fireplace sometimes shoot out and fall to the floor.

Stay safe & thank you for watching!

Camera: Canon EOS R6
Lens 1: Canon RF 50mm F1.2 L USM
Lens 2: Canon RF 35mm/1.8 macro IS STM
Lens 3: Canon RF 16mm
Mic: RODE VideoMic NTG
Tripod: Sirui 5C
Drone: DJI Mavic Mini 2
Audio recorder: Zoom H1n

Backpack: Savota Jääkäri M
Folding saw: Silky Katanaboy 500 & Gomboy 300-10
Axe: Huntsman
Folding shovel: WorkPro
Shoes: Zamberlan 215 Salathe GTX RR
Pants: Fjällräven Vidda Pro Long
Knife: Custom forged

Guksi: https://youtu.be/rkG6_DMBuNE

Disclaimer: This video is not intended to be a guide and is filmed for entertainment purposes only. The author does not recommend repeating the actions shown in this video and is not responsible for the consequences. It can be life threatening.

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