Angry Farmer Killed My Car Camper?! Wild Camping Disaster

Thanks for watching my video, this was a truly horrible experience. One we’ll never forget. I would hate for this to happen to anyone else, so please spread the word – if you have any friends of family that love camping or have a camper van. Avoid this place!!

7 days into our Wild and Car Camping Snowdonia adventure, we decide to head into the heart of Snowdonia – coming from Barmouth where we had just waited a whole day/ night to get new tyres fitted. We arrived around llyn Ogwen at about 4.30/5pm, looking on google maps we found a quieter nearby lake with a long track up to it, with cars parked at the bottom on google maps, and the only sign saying to not block the gate (which we didn’t) it seemed totally fine to head up there for the night, and to leave the car where it was.

This was not the case.

On our walk up, we saw the man we had seen at the car with his tripod, on his way back to his car. So as soon after we left on our walk, we were the only car parked there . The gate was only so wide, so we made sure that even with a car on the other side there was enough room for any vehicle that could fit through the gate, to be able to get past us. There was over a gate and a half’s width of room leading up to the entrance of the gate.

There was no other reason for such an act of violence, the car was not searched, there was lots of camera gear untouched and not looked through. The gate was not obstructed so to me there is no other answer than that somebody who knew we were wild camping up there, didn’t like it. (Probably because people have littered in the past :@ it all comes back to litter doesn’t it! )There were only two people that saw us, one being the farmer who hearded his sheep in at sunset the night before. Who even sounded angry when he was just shouting at his dogs. We heard the same voice shouting on the way back to the car. We didn’t think anything of it at the time, but now we think he was either warning whoever was carrying out the act, or just shouting and sort of cheering us as were coming back to the car, just to rub it in a bit more. As the dry patch shown in the video had not been there long.

So if us Wild Camping up there on a weekday, in less than ideal conditions (a clear sign we’re not there to party) is enough for someone to do that. I fear for anyone else camping around there, and definitely anyone who decides to park up for the night where we left the car, maybe to do some night photography or for a night walk. I’m just so glad we weren’t car camping.

Don’t let this discourage you, It hasn’t me! it’s just the actions of one, Be safe out there ♥
Looking forward to a winter camp soon! I hope everyone is happy, healthy and having a good day ☺

Take care and enjoy nature ✌

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