Building a Cozy TINY DOME LOG HOUSE in the Woods (So Simple, Anyone Can Do This!!!)

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I build a hut out of dead standing trees found on my 40 acre property. I thin out the forest to increase the health of all the trees, and make use of the material to build a really cool small hut out of a refurbished satellite dish. I use a bit of re-used tarp to cover the top of the small shelter.


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This forest was planted nearly 40 years ago, and no trees were removed, so it’s far too overgrown to be healthy. The best thing to do is remove half the trees and allow sunlight to help the forest recover and allow new trees to seed themselves.

The forest was originally designed to be planted quickly, but then harvested, just nothing happened.

I cut a bunch of trees to build the log cabin by stacking them vertically and make a rounded miniature, tiny house. I will include many features in this inside of this primitive structure like a wood burning stove, sleep space, and a wood floor.

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