Building a essential shelter on my land! Beautiful shelter with bed straw

build a shelter in the woods using natural resources with some exceptions. I built this shelter to sleep outside, I love to sleep outside! It’s really important to me! it is only a bed but it is possible to transform it into a winter shelter. in this small construction I use a lot of potting soil with sands debris leaves or hay for the bed and roof. I invite you to discover on my second chain to see how I live in the woods alone without talking to anyone and as I turn in the circle to find solutions but also other resources in abandoned shelters or in the vicinity of roads or rivers!
All I show you is not pure survival because I am at home and I use tools that I pick up over time and that I use to make my lifeoo easier! if you watch on my second channel the other films also you can discover that in nature I find almost everything! to survive! thank you all for the comments here is the complete film with my other adventures alone on my land.
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