Building a Yoda’s Hut (part #2) Spherical Shelter inside and Outside Weaving herbs and branches

Building a Yoda’s Hut A Spherical Shelter inside and Outside Weaving herbs Prospecting Alone in the woods Here are finally the details and the design of this shelter, to create a space and comfort with small fireplace and table, with a large bed inside, this shelter built with small branches and with a special cover with clays and herbs, will allow you to make the difference in cases of survival And in situations of extremes. I come back in this video to show you that it is possible to make incredible shelters in different places. This video is very short but original and interesting enough to discover the essence of construction.
The music used in this video is one of my old Dark ambient sounds songs That I would like you to discover soon!

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Soon new adventures and other places and shelters to discover in this fantastic environment!
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