Building an Off Grid Solar System at the Cabin in the Woods

I build an off grid solar power system at the cabin in the woods and finish the interior walls with insulation. Thanks to ecoflow for sponsoring this video. Ecoflow’s site:

Information on the EcoFlow Powerkits:

– Power Kits offer you a safe, 48V power solution for your off-grid home.
– A 48V system produces the same amount of power, but unlike 12Vs, only a quarter of the electric current passes through thinner wires, producing significantly less heat and power loss.
– Power Hub has a 3600W AC output, and includes two MPPT solar charge controllers, a DC-DC battery charger with MPPT, an inverter charger, and a DC-DC step-down converter. Everything you need to power your tiny home or van.

– LFP batteries are auto-heating so you can even use them in cold climates without affecting their life-span.
– Work safely down to -20 degrees celcius.
– Available in two sizes, both 2 and 5kWh stack up to 3 for a capacity of up to 15kWh.
– Integrated BMS protects the batteries from operating beyond their capacity by monitoring temperature, voltage, and current, keeping your home and system safe

AC/DC Smart Distribution panel:
– With 12 fused DC positions, and 6 AC positions you can manage the power distribution around your RV or tiny home.
– Control up to 6 DC positions from the EcoFlow app or Console
– Adjust 12/24 DC output voltage, AC input frequency and current, charging and discharging levels.

Solar Panels:
– 100W (and 400W panels) with slim design. Get up to 4800W Solar Power Input
– Universally compatible – With an all-inclusive solar connector, the 100W rigid panel works with other 3rd party solar systems and power stations.

Smart Controls:
– Monitor daily, weekly, and monthly power usage
– Control remotely
– Conveniently update firmware

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