Bushcraft | Log Cabin | Build a winter shelter with my son | Cooking quail on the fire #shorts

#bushcraft #survival #outdoors #shelter
It’s already late autumn in Russia. It’s already cold in the mornings, but it’s still warm in the forest. My son is on school holidays now and we decided to go together to build our forest shelter. Cooked quails on the fire. It was delicious. The autumn day is short and at 15.00 we have already finished construction and went home.
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In my videos, I showcase Bushcraft,winter log cabin shelters, wild camping, primitive technology, outdoor skills and survival . They also contain equipment for bushcraft – axes, knives, saws and backpacks.


My Camera – Panasonic Lumix GH2
Lenses: Pnasonic H-FS0144042 14-42;
Panasonic Lumix DMC g7
Lenses: Meike F1,8
Microphone RODE Stereo VideoMic DSLR Mic

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