Can A Knife Be TOO SHARP? Yes, but its not what you think..

Can a knife be too sharp? Yes, but its counter intuitive to what most people think. Knife sharpening is more than just apex thickness. The blade geometry matters just as much as apex sharpness, steel type, and heat treatment. Stick around to find out why! This is probably the biggest knife sharpening hack of all, and how to get a knife sharp without even sharpening the edge.
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00:00 Intro / demo of what a sharp knife actually is
01:18 About the knife and why its no good
01:49 What it takes to get a REALLY sharp knife
03:01 Why blade manufacturers don’t do this
03:30 Stupid thin…and how easy it is to sharpen
04:10 OOPS, I may have screwed up, my knife is too sharp..
04:40 A knife that is too sharp
05:09 How sharp is too sharp?
05:50 Didn’t have this problem before
06:20 A super simple explanation on why a knife can be too sharp
09:26 A real life visual on a knife that’s too sharp
10:50 Final words and why geometry is MOST important

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