DOUBLE SPOON made of logs | Bushcraft spoon | knife for spoons Morakniv 164S

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I have long wanted to try making a spoon for Bushcraft. Recently I found a suitable piece of wood and started making a spoon. At first I did not think that it would turn out to be double, but somehow it turned out that way. The first stage was done at home, the second at the extension, and the third at work. I have ten years of experience in polishing precision aircraft products and spinning a spoon on a knife was not a big problem for me.

00:00 I divide the log into 2 parts
00:18 I draw the contour of the spoon with a roller pen
00:39 I cut off everything unnecessary with a knife and a saw
02:00 smoothing the resulting surface on the nozzle
02:24 I cut out the excess inside the spoon with a special rounded knife for spoons from the Swedish company Morakniv 164S
03:00 I continue processing my double spoon at work at the working machine
05:00 I use a pneumatic drill to align inside the spoon
07:30 I process and smooth the surface with scissor paper and a piece of sharp glass
09:30 soak the wood of the spoon with linseed oil
10:30 double spoon ready

In my videos, I showcase Bushcraft,winter log cabin shelters, wild camping, primitive technology, outdoor skills and survival . They also contain equipment for bushcraft – axes, knives, saws and backpacks.

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