Every camping couple NEEDS THIS! Hot showers in the bush

On today’s episode of Aussie Arvos we are back in the Victorian High Country and we are going to be showing you a new camping mod we’ve been using in our setup over the past month! Now making camping/4WDing comfortable for everyone you are traveling with is the key to be able to stay out in the bush for longer. And this might seem like alot of luxury to have when camping, but we’ve found it to be such a benifit on those longer remote trips!

Joolca HOTTAP V2: https://bit.ly/3Vg4OS8
Lightweight Gas Regulator & Hose: https://bit.ly/3Vqrm2e
Reach Extension Hose: https://bit.ly/3EXnZux
Power Bank: https://bit.ly/3VhUSHq
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