History Just Keeps Getting Longer – Rachel Hansen | The OC for Social Studies

OER Conference for K-12 Social Studies | Track Talk: Why Does History Really Matter?

History Just Keeps Getting Longer

This year we have more history to teach than last year. History just keeps getting longer! But that doesn’t mean we should teach less of it. This talk discusses strategies to help students shift scale from the cosmic to the personal. As students learn to contextualize their own story in big historical narratives, history gains relevance in their own lives.

About Rachel
Rachel Hansen teaches in Iowa, where she and her students like to wear flannels on Fridays and name their class plants. She’s taught the Big History Project for six years and serves as a teacher leader for the program. Rachel is also a National Geographic Explorer whose work focuses on storytelling for impact using podcasts.


OER Conference for K-12 Social Studies
August 5-7, 2020

We’re all exploring ways to ensure our students’ learning – and our own – continues to advance. Our new professional development conference for social studies can help meet those needs.

Website: https://ocforss.oerproject.com

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