My Carving Kit – the Tools I Use. Whittling a Spoon. Campfire Coffee

In this video, I will be going through my wood carving kit that I use for whittling in camp. I am certainly no wood carver, but there is huge enjoyment to be had in crafting useful objects like spoons, spatulas, cups and the like whilst sitting by the fire – it is one of life’s simple pleasures.

I have built up a small but fairly complete kit over the years that enables me to make a variety of objects and projects. The tools need not be expensive, in fact most of mine are at the lower end of the price scale. This is not a complete list of tools, nor am I saying these are the best and that you should go out and buy them. They are just what I have and I will go through what I like about them.

Thanks for watching and happy whittling!


JRP Outdoors coffee bean video

Gransfors Bruks SFA

Estwing Hatchet

Bahco Laplander folding saw

RJ Evans Bushtool

Mora 106 sloyd knife (small)

Mora 120 sloyd knife (large)

Beavercraft C4 whittling knife

Ben Orford large pick knife!/Big-Pick-Knife/p/34599449/category=8705023

Mora 162 crook knife (double sided)

Mora 164 crook knife

Beavercraft SK20 spoon knife

Beavercraft K6L/15 gouge

Merchandise – Patches and Stickers

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Firefly By Chris Haugen
Glen Canyon By Dan Lebowitz

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