NEW POND Catch, Clean, Cook (deep fried fish)! | Critical Temps, Too Many Bait Fish :(

Find out how well our fish are doing in our stocked fish pond! Mystery Tackle Box: [Use Code “BEARDSMAN” for your discount!]

We test out mystery tackle box to see if we fish for trout stocked in our backyard trout pond from Lyndon Fish Hatchery. Our rainbow trout will become the star of a great pond-side meal cooked over fire on a massive stick stove. We deep fry the trout in hot oil on an portable fire pit in a delicious trout cooking recipe.

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We discover that the small backyard trout pond is loaded with hundreds of bait fish, and chubs that are eating a lot of our trout food. This might be bad news in the long term, but we will keep an eye on things. We also test the trout ponds temperature to see if it’s reaching critical temperature for trout.

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