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OER Conference for K-12 Social Studies | Track Talk: The Power of Narrative

Personal and Family Histories: A Gateway to Social Studies

Most students aren’t naturally passionate and social studies. Your story, student’s own stories, and the stories of their families can all be elements of a strategy to engage them in learning about the past and the society in which we live.

About Speaker
Wood teaches at Highland School of Technology in Gastonia, NC. He was one of the founding teachers of the World History Project, helping to shape the program from the outset. When not in the classroom, Wood coaches cross country and plays drums in a bagpipe band. He also enjoys reading, watching old cars shows, being with family, and sharing his passion for history with anyone he meets.


OER Conference for K-12 Social Studies
August 5-7, 2020

We’re all exploring ways to ensure our students’ learning – and our own – continues to advance. Our new professional development conference for social studies can help meet those needs.


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