Rebuilding the house underground. I redid the chimney. Made new swing doors.

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Hello everyone, the snow that fell last time has already melted. Therefore, walking through the forest is not difficult. Today I returned to my underground home to make it even better and more practical. Last time I redid the chimney, but failed, today I want to redo the chimney again and get a positive result.
When I dismantled the chimney, I saw that everything was in order, I could not find the cause of the smoke. Since I’ve taken everything apart, I need to put the chimney in order.
After assembly, I fired up the stove to find out if I managed to make the right chimney or not. Hooray, as you can see, I succeeded. Smoke no longer seeps into the interior of the house underground.
Next, I want to put together a couple of doors. One will be very small, the second is much wider. I made two doors so that the passage to the street was narrow, and less heat escaped outside in those moments in which I open the doors.
Unfortunately, the door frame did not fit into the doorway, it turned out to be wider. I’m very tired, so I’ll do it next time.

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