SOLO Two Days | WINTER BUSHCRAFT CAMP | Ignition from soap and gasoline | ASMR snowy winter forest

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Video sounds better with good head Phone.
I decided to go to our bushcraft camp alone and stay overnight. I collected 5 bags of moss and finished the insulation of the walls. I made a handle for the door. Made a kebab out of chicken drumsticks. He melted a Russian camp stove. I went to bed at 20.00. It was cold at night and I put wood in the stove twice. I woke up at 9.00, packed my backpack and left the camp when it was already light.

00:00 The road to bushcraft camp through the winter forest
01:00 I collect moss for insulation in bags
03:00 I light a fire with a homemade ignition made of soap and gasoline
05:00 making a handle for a door from a log
09:00 I insulate the front wall with moss
12:40 i’m making ivan tea, chaga, rosehip
14:40 I put the chicken on the barbecue grill
16:52 I am eating my dinner
18:00 I light up a Russian camping stove with coals from a fire and ignition
20:58 evening tea
23:10 go to sleep in a sleeping bag
24:00 Morning of the second day
25:30 Pack my backpack and leave the camp

In my videos, I showcase Bushcraft,winter log cabin shelters, wild camping, primitive technology, outdoor skills and survival . They also contain equipment for bushcraft – axes, knives, saws and backpacks.

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Lenses: Meike F1,8
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