Spearing River Trout with Homemade Spear!

I build a survival spear out of scrap metal I find in the forest! I’ll test out the world’s gnarliest survival fishing spear on real fish. Small business marketing help: https://yourseosquad.com/rainmaker/?fbclid=IwAR37IFLevAOtLmHE8Pyh5SxEq2Eic9bOeallxcPLfFA-Srgi3sQqdagCaVA

FULL SURVIVAL FISHING Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDg2Qmw9pKieThQO2QMGAeKYFkfYPn6Ob

– Hunting Fish with a $1 Survival Fishing Spear (Insane Design — Crazy Effective!!!)
– Crazy Survival Spear Fishing
– $1 Primitive DIY Survival Fishing Spear (Insane Design — Crazy Effective!!!)
– Crazy Survival Spear Fishing Challenge! ‘Impact Strikes’ on Underwater Cam

Do fish spears even work, or are they a modern gimmick to trick survival experts into being overconfident? I’m also going to test out the primitive gorge hooks and j-hooks to see if they even work to catch fish.

I build the fishing spear out of scrap metals found in a junk pile which a farmer discarded a long time ago. The most epic survival fishing challenge must end in a meal! We test our ability to build primitive fishing hooks, rods, and fish spears from a junk pile we found in the woods as if the world is post apocalyptic survival.

Find out of the Trout Pond is open: sales@lyndonfishhatcheries.com

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We raid the junk pile in the forest for discarded, but useful materials including metals like bar wire, fence wire, discarded metal tools and whatever else we can use to spear, or catch fish in this epic survival fishing challenge.

In a survival situation, it might surprise you to still be able to find many hand tools and discarded modern artifacts that are useful in building spears and fishing hooks. The key to survival is to use whatever you find available. Junk is often left over and lasts for years before it is reduced back to it’s natural form. Metals can be worked and sharpened to make useful survival tools from fish hooks, to fish spears.


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