Survival Food: Primitive Raw Fish Snack

Food isn’t always difficult to acquire in the wild. At certain times of the year some trees and plants provide fruit and seeds that can easily be collected and prepared to eat. Likewise some animals can be gathered and eaten even raw. Sometimes I’ve been fortunate enough to find a fresh fish tossed on the beach by a high tide. I don’t know what caused the death of this needlefish but I assumed the role of an opportunist feeder and sank my teeth into the tasty flesh.

Is there a reasonable risk to eating a dead fish found on the beach? That’s a good question and many people would never eat many of the things that I eat. Fist of all, I would not eat raw a dead fish found in freshwater. Parasites are much less common in saltwater fish. If I find a dead freshwater fish I examine it thoroughly and if it appears fresh then I will open it up and examine the entrails. If it all looks good then I would cook it and eat it.

I’ve eaten fresh caught raw fish from the ocean many times and I’ve never become sick from it. In fact, I’ve never become sick from any animal I’ve either caught or found dead in the wild or eaten raw, and that includes grasshoppers, ants and other insects. This fish appeared very fresh when I found it. It was probably injured by a larger fish that may have attempted to eat it or perhaps it even jumped out of the water to escape a larger predator and ended up stuck on the beach where it then died.

Nonetheless, it tasted great and provided me with excellent nutrition to fuel my body. The remains I returned to the ocean.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Who films you?
Me. I travel alone, shoot, edit, upload, everything, all alone. On a few occasions I may be accompanied by a friend, but that has been very rare.

How many cameras do you use?
Usually I use just one camera. When I have underwater scenes then I also use a GoPro camera. I get different angles by moving the camera around and repeating the action to create a more cinematic viewing experience for the audience.

Where is this place?
In order to protect the integrity of the natural landscape I prefer to be very vague about the locations I use. There are places that I used to visit that were so beautiful and untouched but the consequences of social media brought all kinds of people to visit and sadly some people do not respect nature and have badly damaged these places. Therefore I do not share locations.

Where did you get your sandals?
I first started wearing sandals on outdoor adventures in February 2014. I’m so glad that I did because wearing these Luna Sandals has really helped strengthen my feet. You can see their selection of adventure and running sandals at this link:
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Do you workout?
Yes, I workout, but not in a gym. I have some weights that I use and also do a lot of bodyweight exercises. I also run and sometimes swim. I hike frequently to collect wild foods and to shoot these videos so I’m very active all the time.

Are you vegan or vegetarian?
I wish I could maintain my health on a primal diet that does not include animals but unfortunately that did not work well and I ended up with health problems as a result of those attempts. From my studies, observations of nature, and personal experience I have come to believe that the best diet for optimal human health is a primal diet (paleo).

Do you get lonely when you’re alone?
No, I don’t get lonely. I’m actually so busy shooting video, taking photos and doing so many other things like making cordage, cooking, weaving, etc. that I really don’t have time to think about my lonely condition. Sometimes when something profound happens on an adventure I can’t wait to share it with people, but other than that I do not get lonely.

How many languages do you speak?
My first language is English but I also speak fluent Spanish and Portuguese. I also speak very little Russian. I may soon begin learning more languages.

How old are you?
I was born in 1972. At the time of this video I was 50.

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Drums of the Deep by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.



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