Surviving the Night – Camping in -30° Weather

Cold weather offers the best camping!
On this trip I tested my skills seeing if I could sleep in an open shelter in -30 degree temperatures. Alongside the challenge of sleeping in such cold conditions, I also cooked up some tasty meals that are quick and easy to prepare.

The gear I used:

Sleep mat: 1/2″ closed-cell foam sleep pad.
Blankets: Two queen sized wool blankets.
Clothing: Cotton base layer, wool insulating layer, and waxed cotton pants and jacket outer layer.
Boots: Sorel Pac Boots
Backpack: Kelty Redwing 44
Cook Kit: Woods Nootka Cook Set

How did I not freeze?
This was actually one of the warmest camps I’ve ever had. I didn’t get cold once. I layed wood on my fire in a particular way to create a “wall” of fire which kept me very warm. It was so warm I had to strip down to my base layer to sleep comfortably.

An open shelter? Aren’t you afraid of animals?
The open shelter is very pleasant to sleep in. I do not worry about wildlife. In this area there are grizzly bears, black bears, wolves, and cougars. The bears are sleeping the winter away, so they aren’t likely to be a problem. Wolves and cougars in this area are quite timid towards humans and usually won’t bother us. Fun fact though, on my hike out from this camp I came across fresh tracks from a pack of wolves about 200 yards away from my camp. It looked like they were just travelling through the area though. Pretty cool to see.

Thank you so much to everyone who watches and supports the channel. I hope everyone enjoys. Happy trails!

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