The £10 Pound Overnight Survival Challenge – in the Woods (Gone Wrong)

How well can I do being outdoors with nothing but £10 Pound in my pocket to survive overnight? I spend 24 hours in the wild and spend only 10 pound on items I may need while I’m out. Also known as the 10 Dollar or Euro challenge. Need to make a shelter, build a fire and find water in the woods. Poppy the dog is coming as personal challenge dog who will also be sharing the £10 with me…

🎒Recommended kit lists:

☕If you want to buy me a drink:

If I did it again (which I probably won’t!) I’d take some water to start off with and some cordage. Then probably some better waterproof sheeting. A sleeping bag and tent would be nice too lol

Contents –
Intro 0:00
Clothing Choices 1:02
The Purchases 1:48
Into the Wild 3:42
A Discovery 5:00
Doubts 5:45
Nice Spot 7:01
Awful Design 8:33
Balti o’clock 9:52
Making it Comfy 10:50
Hunker Down 11:55
Waffles 12:15
Conclusion 13:14

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