WILD CAMPING ON AN ISLAND, in the mountains!! Swimming to a remote camping spot on a lake

Wild camping ON AN ISLAND in the mountains!! Swimming to a remote camping spot on a lake

Hello again guys, I’m back with a blast! Thanks so much for clicking on my video, wild camping on an island! I absolutely loved filming and editing this trip. It’s one I’ve been meaning to do for months now but summer has literally just whizzed by and I made it in the nick of time before the water got too cold!
I headed back up to Snowdonia where I made a hasty climb up Cnicht, then found a nice little remote island in the middle of a lake that was only accessible on a craft or by swimming. I purchased a “RuckRaft” from a company called Above Below (ill leave a link below to their insta and website) in which I stored all my gear in dry bags and towed it across the lake to the island for a camp.
I hope you guys enjoyed this one, until next time, Adios!!

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The guys who make the RuckRafts, Above Below
Website – https://www.abovebelow.sc/
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/its_above_below/

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