6 Days ALONE In Wild Mediterranean Forest Build STONE AGE Bushcraft Shelter | Minecraft IRL | ASMR

In this video: 6 days alone in the wild Mediterranean forest, building the primitive bushcraft shelter of the Stone Age.
It’s like Minecraft IRL 🙂
No talking, just nature sounds – ASMR.

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So, for start, I found a flat glade near the sea and cleared it.
There were many stones of different sizes and shapes around, which is not surprising – there are mountains around.
Gradually, I began to build a wall behind my back and by the end of the day I was able to make a flat area for sleeping. If you think that these stones are light, then no 🙂 They are very heavy.

Laying stones is not difficult, but it takes much more time than I do. It will be cold to sleep on the stones, and I decided cover stones with pine needles, which were found nearby. This solved the problem with the unevenness of the stones and the cold from them.

By the way, in the process, I realized that it was possible not to take either a saw or an ax with me.

I decided that the my stone age shelter would consist of three walls and a roof of wooden branches.
It rarely rains here, so the roof is collected only as protection from the sun. But the weather made its own adjustments.

One day a strong wind began, the sky was covered with clouds and a storms began sea. I thought it was going to rain and hurried to cover the roof with bark I had collected from dead trees. However, I was not able to check such a roof rainproof or not – the rain passed by.

The drinking water I brought with me ran out. In a crevice in the shadows of the mountains, I was able to find water. Small flow, small drops. But in a short time, a full pot was recruited. The water was odorless and without impurities – transparent. Probably, this is a mountain spring and the water could be drunk without boiling, but I boiled it.

I found wild olives near the shelter and decided to try it. The result is clearly visible in the video. They were very bitter, I could not eat them.

Once, at night, wild boars came, about 6-7 boars.
I heard boars before, seen footprints and excrement, see dug up earth. They only came this close once. The boars were not aggressive and did not react to the light, they just went about their business.
Gradually they disappeared into the thicket of the forest.
But the next day I decided to make a wall of stones, so it would be calmer.

After a few days, I figured out how to fish. Small but still a fish 🙂
It turned out not to be poisonous. But the sharp spikes on the crest – unbearable pain if accidentally pricked.
I put together a some stone oven, for a safe fire, because the surroundings are too dry and flammable.
In this oven, I fried the fish I caught. The fish seemed to me very tasty and slightly sweet.
Probably after I ate canned food.

And one whole day I spent for a rest, swimming in the sea. I carved a bark totem and attached it to the wall of my stone age bushcraft shelter.
It’s time to pack up and leave this amazing place. Hope I come back here!

Stay safe & thank you for watching!

Camera: Canon EOS R6
Lens: Canon RF 35mm/1.8 macro IS STM
Mic: RODE VideoMic NTG
Tripod: Sirui 5C

Backpack: Savota Jääkäri M
Folding saw: Silky Katanaboy 500 & Gomboy 300-10
Shoes: Zamberlan 215 Salathe GTX RR
Knife: Custom forged

Guksi: https://youtu.be/rkG6_DMBuNE

Disclaimer: This video is not intended to be a guide and is filmed for entertainment purposes only. The author does not recommend repeating the actions shown in this video and is not responsible for the consequences. It can be life threatening.

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