Building a Japanese Spider Hole – CRAZY EMERGENCY EXIT!

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Japanese Spider Hole Part 1:
Japanese Spider Hole Part 2:
Japanese Spider Hole Part 3:
Japanese Spider Hole Part 4:

Japaneses Spider Hole Playlist:

Kevin of Modern Self Reliance digs deep, using the EcoFlow to power his jackhammer, blasting through clay and rock to clear out thousands of pounds of dirt and build a 10 x 10′ hidden room underground!

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I build an authentic Japanese military spider fox hole with just a few basic tools including a small army shovel, some metal buckets, and some rough saw timbers to help create a safe place to sleep overnight in case of impending war.

A spider hole is mirrors the hole created by a trapdoor spider who will tunnel and then cover the top of the door to conceal itself.

A spider hole is usually shoulder-deep, and round, protective enough to camouflaged lid a solder from attack. A soldier will be able to stand upright and then fire a weapon without being overly exposed. A spider hole is different than a foxhole in that a foxhole is usually deeper and designed to hide or conceal a fighter.

A spider hole is usually hastily dug, whereas a foxhole is done with more care.

Spider holes were used during World War II by Japanese. Saddam Hussein during the Iraq war was captured hiding in a spider hole.

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