Building Swimming Pool And Make Mud Sofa Dinner Table with Deco Private Living Room

About Primitive Survival Tool : We Have 3 People In the wild , Mr Pen Sann : ( Actor ) Mr Sophal : ( Actor ) Mr Kimhout (Camera Man). In this video we going to show you about Building Swimming Pool And Sofa Dinner Table with Deco Private Living Room with very simple tools and skill !
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How long did we build?
we been working very hard with 30 days to completely build, This Project
How large is it?
we hard to build it because we work by hand 100% and made with tools in video .
Q. Do you live in the wild everyday?
A. Yes ! But I don’t live in the wild everyday but just go into the bush to make these projects when finish one project we back house. Thank you.
Q: Why do you have camera?
A: I have a camera because I live in the 21st century, I am not the primitive man
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