CAVEMAN Cooking Wild Deer – WHOLE! | Catch, Clean, Cook in the FOREST

We primitive spit roast an entire wild deer over an open fire at the small off grid cabin in the woods. Kevin’s new channel will be found here at Modern Self Reliance:

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We first butcher the deer and then carefully mount it over a set of sticks so it can be slow cooked for hours over the fire to make a delicious meal.

Spit roasting is an ancient method of preparing game for a tribe that consists of mounting a whole animal, or part of an animal over a stick, branch or, in our case, tree, in order to slow cook it over a long period of time.

Spit roast is like a primitive man’s BBQ. The smoke and light heat will create a more tender meat as the heat breaks down the meat fibers over time. This primitive cooking method is very much like a slow cooker in our modern times since the outer layer prevents moisture from escaping. We did find this deer on the road as well, and wanted to make use of the whole animal rather than let it go to waste.


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Whole Deer Primitive Fire Roasted (Delicious)!

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