Cooking Fresh Caught Salmon on Cedar Plank (at the Hobbit House)! | Catch and Cook

I cook up a fresh caught salmon I caught over an open fire, smoked to perfection on a cedar plank, and drenched in my own maple syrup and woodobo spice in the woods near the hobbit house. My Gear (Shop and Support):

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The catch will be shown in the video coming out on Friday.
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The fish is smoked on a light fire, hot and cold smoked, with a few dry logs including maple and cedar.

A fish smoker is a traditional way to preserve fish for the long term when done using very small amounts of heat, that is, cold smoked. When a fish is hot smoked, or cooked fully, it tends to trap more moisture inside the fish making it more susceptible to spoiling in the long term. The cold smoking process is a great way to keep fish ready to eat even if you have no means of keeping your fish cool for preservation. No salt or spices are required, but your choice of spice often enhances flavors imparted by the smoking process.

Our ancestors would have smoked fish year round, but it would have been a full time job in the fall months so that fish could be eaten throughout the winter.


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