Finished work on laying the floor in the dugout. Changed the chimney. Fired up the oven.

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Hi all! It became cooler here, a little bit of snow fell, I decided to put Pyosel in a warm vest so that he would not freeze. Every time I go to the forest, I pour water for my dog to drink, but this time he didn’t drink, I don’t know why.
Today I plan to nail the floor boards. By the way, I did not nail all the boards, because in the future I plan to cut a hatch in the floor. To do this, you have to pull out the boards that lie on the floor, so I did not nail some of them.
As you remember, on the night when I was sleeping in the dugout, my chimney smoked, I still do not know why this happened, today I will dismantle the chimney and find out what’s wrong. It turns out that the insulation of the wall was insufficient, so it got hot from the pipe and began to smolder.
I brought a new material that does not heat up and does not burn, with this material I isolate the pipe from the wall.
I fired up the stove and was already enjoying the heat, when I suddenly smelled smoke, I had to go outside so as not to suffocate. The pipe started to smoke again, I don’t know why this is happening. I’m very frustrated, I tried so hard, but I didn’t succeed. I decided to go home and do the chimney work another time.

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