Identity Matters: Understanding Identity and Narrative – Rebecca Slaby | The OC for Social Studies

OER Conference for K-12 Social Studies | Track Talk: The power of narrative

Identity Matters: Understanding Identity and Narrative Through an Anti-Bias Education Lens

How do we consider the identities, lived experiences, and narratives of our students when we plan our lessons? And how do we as educators show up in our classrooms with our students in our own complex identities? This talk will use an anti-bias education lens to examine the role and impact of student and teacher identity in creating positive narratives in the classroom for all students.

About Rebecca
Rebecca Slaby leads AMAZEworks in providing Anti-Bias Education curriculum, training, consultation, and resources to schools, communities, and organizations to create equity and belonging for all. With a MEd from DePaul University, she has 15 years of experience teaching middle school humanities/social studies and teaches courses on equity-based pedagogy at the University of Minnesota.

OER Conference for K-12 Social Studies
August 5-7, 2020

We’re all exploring ways to ensure our students’ learning – and our own – continues to advance. Our new professional development conference for social studies can help meet those needs.


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