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OER Conference for K-12 Social Studies | Track Talk: Young Citizens

Is Knowledge Power? Drafting History with Young Citizens

Two brothers share their experiences teaching and learning history with young citizens. They teach in high school, college, and prison classrooms, and they encourage their students to abandon the “names-and-dates” and “one-thing-after-another” way of thinking about history. They try to guide a student-led exploration of history, trusting in students’ independent spirit of inquiry and encouraging them to find their voices through dynamic, extended classroom activities. The title and opening premise are inspired by the work of historian, Naomi Oreskes.

About Jeremy
Jeremy Murray teaches history at California State University, San Bernardino, and works with many future history teachers in his classes. He teaches Chinese and world history, and advises the CSUSB History Club and student-run history journal, “History in the Making.”

About Aaron
Aaron R. Murray worked as an editor in educational book publishing before completing Bard College’s MAT program for social studies. He currently teaches Grammar for Writers; Advanced Editing for the BA; and Grammar, Rhetoric, and Style for the Bard Prison Initiative.


OER Conference for K-12 Social Studies
August 5-7, 2020

We’re all exploring ways to ensure our students’ learning – and our own – continues to advance. Our new professional development conference for social studies can help meet those needs.


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