Making a Primitive Cow Horn Mug (Simple Viking Mug) – 2 Min Projects

Ok I am trying something new. Short 2 min videos walking you through some fun but simple build projects you can do at home. This is the 1st in the series. If it gets lots of views and likes I’ll do a lot more. Unlike our full length videos, I wont post these on Saturday mornings, but just whenever I can so make sure you are subscribed and have activated notifications on your settings otherwise you’ll never know when I post one. If you want more of these types of videos, make sure to share this video on social media to show your support.

Some extra tips about building a cow horn mug:
You can get the horns really cheap on ebay or form your local bull.
The epoxy I used on the inside is food grade expoxy and I got it from here
You can sand it down like I did or even buff and polish the horn until it shines.
The handle only touches the bottom of the mug it is not connected but works fine. You can put a little super glue there if you want no wiggle in the handle.
If the slight smell of cow horn bothers you, you can polish or coat the outside in epoxy to solve that.

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