Primitive Trap for Feral Chicken! | Primitive Cooking in Earth Oven, Hangi, Coyote Attacks Fawn

I use a primitive net-trap to catch and cook a feral chicken at the off grid cabin in the forest. The wild chicken is cooked in an underground earth oven, over hot coals from a hardwood fire. This kind of primitive cooking is also called an hangi and was a survival cooking method used by primitive people. Kevin’s Channel:

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Primitive hangi or earth oven is primitive man’s version of a modern oven, as it traps the heat down in the hole to help cook anything you suspend inside. The smoke and light heat will create a more tender meat as the heat breaks down the meat fibers over time. This primitive cooking method is very much like a slow cooker in our modern times since the outer layer prevents moisture from escaping. These birds are egg laying chickens that have escaped from the coop and have been living feral in the woods for several weeks. As they are not scared of humans, they will eventually get eaten by a woodland predator.


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