Snow. A dugout in a wild forest. Installed the door frame. Assembled the base for the bunk.

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Hi all! We had snow, it’s so white, clean, I love this kind of weather. My dog named Pyosel loves to chew on sticks.
Today I have to install the door frame, but first I need to enlarge the doorway. I will do this with a battery chain saw and an axe.
Once the doors were in place, I spent some time adjusting them. I need the door to open by itself when I go inside the dugout, and not slam back. This can be useful when I go inside with different loads.
When setting up the doors, I realized that the pillars that hold the dugout are not vertical, well, it could not be otherwise, because I put them on my eye.
Next, I plan to assemble a bed frame from the remaining boards. Next time my friend and I will bring more boards here.
I also insulated the space between the logs so that cold air would not get inside.
In the corner, I left free space for a long tool, like a shovel and a broom.
Today was a great day.

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